09 December 2008

Weclome to Codec Records Blog

Q) Who am I?
A) J. Codec a.k.a. DJ Codec a.k.a. Jason Codec a.k.a. Code C a.k.a. Code.C.
Really, all those spellings have been used in the past. It just depends on what the promoter feels like using on his or her flyer.

Q) What is this organization called?
A) Codec Records a.k.a. Code C Recordings.
This is a virtual record label the name isn't set in stone.

Q) What do I do?
A) I make beats. So do my friends.
We write tracks. We make mixes. We occasionally record live shows. Under our imprint you'll find House, Techno, Breaks, Drum & Bass and Dubstep under our banner. The one common theme is that it's all heavy-duty dancefloor oriented electronica.

Q) Why do you blog?
A) We'll post tracks and mixes here for you to download.
Additionally, I'm migrating the handful of blog entries from the Codec Records MySpace page to here for simplicity.

Q) Is that it?
A) Yep. Pretty much.

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