09 December 2008

J. Codec - Inside Your Soul reaches number 5

Q) Is it vain to Google yourself?

A) Well, it depends on what you find.

In a recent self-Googling I found a Bulgarian music forum where someone has been requesting the Tech House tune J. Codec - Inside Your Soul. Well, actually, they were asking if anyone had the MP3 to share. I wrote back, through a friend who can write in Bulgarian for me so I could dispel the myths about that song.

I also noticed that that tune is ranked at #5 most requested song on the Bulgarian Top Dance Hits charts and #5 on DJ Bobby D's chart (arguably the #1 Tech House DJ in Eastern Europe). In fact, there's a direct link to request it on Bobby D's radio station website. Alright!

Anyway, Here's the post

Hi. This is J. Codec. Sorry I can't write in Bulgarian (I'm from Hollywood). The song NooB requested in http://www.exclusivemusic.net/f/index.php?showtopic=3914 is my song, not "Nick Holder - Inside Your Soul". I'm flattered by your interest in my tune!

The song "Inside Your Soul" is an exclusive mix for DJ Bobby D. You can hear it from time to time on Traffic Radio (http://bobbyd.networx-bg.com/playlist.php?letter=J). It's a Tech House tune with a Breakbeat breakdown. I wrote with Ableton Live 6.0 and Reason 3.0.

If you want to contact me you can check out my MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/codecrecords or http://www.myspace.com/jcodec. I'll have a website up soon and you'll be able to download music from there. Until then just hang tight! Thanks again!

-J. Codec, Codec Records, Hollywood, CA, USA

The period of exclusivity has long-since expired. Expect the download link for this tune soon.

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