09 December 2008

J. Codec - Connection Refused

Connection Refused is a quirky, glitchy mix focusing on low-bit electro house. Imagine the sounds of a Gameboy mashed up with house beats and you're in the right area. I even started and ended the mix with tunes from Trash80, a chiptune artist.
  1. Trash80 - At Teh Disko [8bitpeoples]
  2. BSOD - Choplifted [Xfer Records]
  3. Deadmau5 - 8bit [Zoolook Records]
  4. Boy 8-Bit - Ghost House (Suspense Is Killing Me Part II) [Mad Decent]
  5. Boy 8-Bit - Suspense Is Killing Me (Drop The Lime Remix) [Mad Decent]
  6. BSOD - Game Over [Xfer Records]
  7. BSOD - Sinistar [Xfer Records]
  8. BSOD - High Scores [Xfer Records]
  9. BSOD - Roflcopter [White Label]
  10. The Black Ghosts - Any Way You Choose To Give It (Boy 8-Bit Remix) [Southern Fried Records]
  11. Donald Glaude - BIG 9 [BugEyed Records]
  12. Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood Remix) [White Label]
  13. Mr. Miyagi - Fancy Pants [Hussle Recordings]
  14. Rival Joustas - Clarity (Blamma! Blamma! Clear As Mud Mix) [White Label]
  15. Stereoheroes - Moon Knight [White Label]
  16. Trash80 - Missing You [8bitpeoples]
J. Codec - Connection Refused [Download]

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