09 December 2008

I've been bootlegged

Since I've been coming up in posts lately I've taken to Googling myself periodically to maintain awareness of what is happening out there that has my name attached to it. Recently I found some interesting links:
Download DJ Codec Continuous Play MP3 Music - Buy DJ Codec (etc...)
The album they're offering for sale was a promotional-only-not-for-sale mix I created in 2002 (the sites incorrectly list the year as 2003) that was originally called "Continuous Play." That mix was later cleaned up, polished and became disc 1 of the "Hard Math" two-disc mix album. There are at least four sites offering this old album of mine for sale, though they appear to be reskins or renames of the same site.

Legally, that mix was released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License (see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ for more details). This license essentially means anyone has the right to freely share, copy, distribute and transmit the work, under the following restrictions:
  1. It must clearly be marked as my work, not someone else's (i.e. don't say its your DJ mix when it's not).
  2. You can't make any money off of it.
  3. You can't change, alter, transform, or build on it (no remixes without permission).
I wonder how I should feel about getting bootlegged. I recall exactly what I was thinking when I posted the mix in the first place so many years ago. My exact thoughts were "the more this album spreads the better" I wanted it to be shared and distributed as widely as possible, but for FREE, not for sale. Well, I guess I'm flattered that someone thinks they can make money off of what so many people already have for free.

So in the interest of fairness to all, please if someone tries to sell you that album, don't buy it. You're not supporting any of the musicians that contributed toward that album (J. Codec, Syphon, Anti or Red Hot). Just ask me for it. Soon enough the it'll be posted here and you can go get it for free anyway.


- J. Codec

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