14 March 2009

J. Codec - Can't Sit Still

Can't Sit Still is a quirky fidget and electro house mix recorded on 14 March, 2009. I had been collecting and playing a lot of quality tracks and hadn't put out a new mix is a couple of months so that's what this mix is all about. I didn't use any of my usual tricky filters or effects which gave me plenty of space to perform lots of slick crossfader manuvers.
  1. Mr Miyagi - We Gonna Give You The Lesson [White Label]
  2. Rudenko - Everybody [Data Records]
  3. Jak-Z & Scott Cooper - Move Ya (HiJack Remix) [White Label]
  4. DJ Sneak & Herve - Droppin Kisses feat. Kid Infinity (Herve Club Mix) [C2 Records (UK)]
  5. Alex Schmitz - Beat Goes Boom (Stupid Fresh Remix) [Bombsquad Records]
  6. Basement Jaxx - Take Me Back To Your House (Speaker Junk Remix) [XL Recordings]
  7. Foamo - Rockerman (Lee Mortimer Remix) [Wearhouse Music]
  8. Brad Slims - Kill The System (Stupid Fresh Remix) [Prompt Digital]
  9. Jack Beats vs. Dynamite MC - What (Vocal Mix) [Cheaper Thrills]
  10. B. Rich - Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Remix) [White Label]
  11. Donald Glaude & DJ Dan - Stick Em (TJR Remix) [In Stereo]
  12. Jelo - Awesomesauce (Twocker's GTI Remix) [BugEyed Records]
  13. CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Twocker's Respek To Van Helden Mix) [White Label]
  14. The Loose Cannons - WHYD4ML (Stupid Fresh Remix) [White Label]
  15. Streetlife DJs - Bassline Kickin' [Street Beats]
  16. Happy Murder Music - Ghost Sex [Infinitum Records]
  17. Wolfgang Gartner - Hook Shot [Kindergarten]
  18. Hadouken! - Crank It Up (Noisia Remix) [White Label]
  19. DJ Wool - The Star Of East Berlin (Sharkslayer Remix) [Plant Music]
  20. Bass Kleph - Bump Uglies (Stupid Fresh 'Wizards In Oz' Remix) [Vacation Records]
  21. Foamo - Movin' It Over Here (Stupid Fresh Remix) [Cubism]
J. Codec - Can't Sit Still [Download]

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